How to Write a Mini Biography for a Church Ministry Outreach

A biography is a document that highlights the milestones of a person's life and tells an audience general facts about him. While longer biographies often detail life events, shorter biographies also serve a purpose in introducing a person and focusing on specific portions of their lives. For example, a short biography for a church ministry outreach may introduce the person to the reader, yet also include personal and professional ties to the church. Knowing what facts to include will help you write a short biography that still provides enough information about a person's life and professional ties.

Step 1

Gather a list of facts about the person. Answer basic questions such as her hometown, current city of residence and connection with the church. Put the facts in chronological order.

Step 2

Write a list of specific qualities about the person. Ask yourself which qualities make this person interesting. Write the first qualities that come to mind.

Step 3

Discover the person's education and certifications. In the case of a biography for a church ministry outreach, double check with the person to make sure the credentials you have are correct.

Step 4

List the person's accomplishments. Tie these accomplishments in with her work for the church.

Step 5

Review the list of the person's outstanding qualities and accomplishments. Choose the ones that describe her best and represent her ties to the church.

Step 6

Write the mini biography in chronological order. Start with the general facts about the person, followed by her initial contact with the church. Finish by describing the qualities and accomplishments that make her an outstanding member of the church.

Step 7

Let the biography sit for a day then edit and polish the final copy.

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