How to Write a Complimentary Letter

It is important to write a complimentary letter properly in order to express your gratitude for an outstanding product, service or performance. Complimentary letters not only acknowledge your approval of the person you are writing to, but they also provide the reader with a level of satisfaction for a job well done. Formatting your letter correctly will make it appear professional when written for business purposes. Write a complimentary letter that conveys your appreciation in under 30 minutes.

Begin your letter by heading it properly. List your full name on the first line, your street address on the second line. Provide your city, state and zip code on the third line. List the date on the fourth line.

Skip down two lines, then list the name of the person you are addressing the letter to. List the position that this person holds on the line below their name, and the name of their business or organization on the line below that one. Write the recipient's street address on the next line, then the city, state and zip code on the line below. Skip two more lines down again after completing the heading for the recipient.

Start your complimentary letter with "Dear," followed by the person's name, then a comma. For instance, "Dear John," then skip down two more lines to begin the body of the letter.

In the first sentence, state your reason for writing the complimentary letter. For example, write:

"I/We would like to show my/our recent satisfaction with the time and effort that has been exhibited during your contribution to"

Conclude the first sentence by listing the service, product or job that you are praising. List the reason why the reader has earned the compliment at this time. For example:

"the recent Human Resources collaborative project." or "guaranteeing the quality of your new product."

Skip two lines and state how and/or why the effort has affected you personally. For example:

"It has been an honor having you as one of our team members for this project, because it was one of my/our more difficult requests."


"This product has given me/us an overwhelming level of appreciation for the attention to craftsmanship you have provided to your customers"

Skip two lines and express your desire to have the same level of expertise in the future. For example:

" I/We hope that you will be willing to make available the same level of professionalism to me/us during future projects."

Skip down two more lines and thank them for their product or service once again. It should look something like this:

" Once again, I/we would like to show my/our appreciation for the work you have provided to me/us with such expertise."

Close out the letter. Skip two more lines and write, "Sincerely," then write your full name on the next line. For example: "Sincerely, John Q. Public"

End the letter by writing your position or title on the line directly below your name.

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