How to Abbreviate Maintenance

While they are not always preferred because it requires people to know their meanings, abbreviations -- including acronyms -- can be convenient ways of communicating quickly and simply. The term “maintenance” is used in a variety of professional fields, and the abbreviation for the word changes for each context. While the military favors acronyms, other professions use truncated versions of words.

Maintenance Abbreviations

According to the Federation of American Scientists, “MA” is an abbreviation for “maintenance.” Job titles or job-related terms that include the word maintenance are also often shortened into acronyms, such as “M&S” for “maintenance and supply” or “ME” for “maintenance error.” According to the Cornell Law School, “Maint.” with a period at the end is the proper abbreviation for legal citations, while “MAINT,” capitalized and without a period, is used for fields such as information technology and accounting, according to Purdue University.