How to Annotate a Transcript in APA

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When submitting an assignment for school or an article for work, it is essential to include citations and annotations -- ensuring these references are formatted properly. Executing this correctly demonstrates your skills and provides your instructor or employer evidence of the research you performed. One type of resource and corresponding formatting guideline you may need to know is annotating an interview transcript in APA, or American Psychological Association, format.

Gather Information

Determine the interviewer and interviewee. This will be the name of the person who conducted the interview and the name of the person who was being interviewed. This information should be noted clearly in the transcript. If needed, locate the published interview online or in print.

Research the year and date of the interview.

Note the website or other source from which the interview transcript was retrieved, as applicable.

Locate the title of the interview transcript.

Prepare References Page

Create a new page in your document, separate from the essay, report or article.

Type the word "References" on the top of the page.

Center the word "References" using your word processing software's toolbar or editing menu.

Add Annotation

Type the names of the interviewer and interviewee, separated by an ampersand, on the first line of the annotation.

Type "interviewer" and "interviewee" after the respective names, in parentheses. Place a period after the last parenthesis.

Type the date the article was conducted, in parentheses. Place a period after the closing parenthesis.

Type the name of the transcript in italics, and append with "Interview transcript" in brackets. Place a period after the closing bracket.

Type the location from which the article transcript was retrieved.

Review the Annotation

Ensure all lines of the annotation, besides the first line, are indented one-half inch from the left margin.

Check that there is only one space between the sections of the annotation.

If a website is referenced in the last line, be sure to include the entire url including "http://" and ".com."

Perform a spell check using the word processing software. Also ensure the proper names are spelled correctly.