APA Citing Quotations Without a Page Number

When you use a direct quotation in a research paper using APA style, the general rule is to include a page number at the end of the in-text citation. However, there are times, especially with many resources now online, when resources do not have page numbers. The Seventh Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association offers guidance for writing this kind of citation.

Citations for Direct Quotations

When exact words are used in a paper from any resource, an in-text citation must be made after the quotation.

The most important part of the citation is the name of the author. It is your responsibility when writing a paper to make a reasonable search, if needed, in order to find the name of the authors.

All citations are completely based on the reference used at the end of the paper. They should contain the same information about author's name and date of publication.

The citation should normal take the form of author's name, followed by the date of publication (Gray, R. E., 2013).

The difference between a normal citation and one for a quotation is that with a quotation you must add a comma and then add the page number (p. 41).

Solutions to No Page Number

When no page number can be found, then another method of citing location must be used. It is your responsibility to find and list the name of the immediately preceding sub-header.

Then you write a comma, space, followed by "para." and the number of paragraphs after the sub-header where the quotation is found.