How to Begin a Platform Statement

Your platform is basically the stance you take on a subject, or a declaration of your principles. For example, a political party has a platform that outlines the beliefs of the party, including the party's view of how the government should be run. If you are asked to write a platform statement, such as when applying for a scholarship, then you should think very carefully about your beliefs. Then, start your statement out strong to ensure those judging your platform statement will continue reading.

Step 1

Use a readable font, such as 12-point Times New Roman. Set the margins on your page to one inch all the way around.

Step 2

Add your name to the top of the platform statement. Below your name, include the position for which you are a candidate.

Step 3

Follow the guidelines of the organization for which you are creating your platform . For example, some platform statements need to include a history of your experience and evidence of your skills to prove that you are qualified to make the statement. Use bullets to separate the items, as opposed to the statement itself, which will be in paragraph form.

Step 4

Include a title for your platform statement below your name. Help it stand out by aligning it consistently with the titles of the other sections, whether your put them all along the left margin or down the center of the page. The title should accurately reflect the basic principle of your platform, such as being against animal testing in cosmetics, or for stem cell research.

Step 5

Begin your platform by clearly stating your beliefs. For example, your platform might start out, "I am against the scientific testing on animals within the cosmetics industry." Once your beliefs have been stated, defend them with documented facts, not opinions.

Step 6

Continue the beginning of your platform statement by outlining the various points that will be covered in the rest of your statement. Using the above example of your position against scientific animal testing, you might give documented evidence of these tests' cruel effects on animals. For the rest of your statement, you will back up these initial points made.

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