How to Write a Proposal for a Beautification Project

Identifying a lack of government concern for local aesthetic, environmental issues in the early 1950s, concerned citizens established the independent organization Keep America Beautiful in 1953. The organization acted as a catalyst for similar groups, organizations and individuals concerned with making their neighborhoods beautiful. Groups and individuals concerned with area beautification can submit proposals for beautification projects to government officials. Writing a proposal for a beautification project requires you to identify the ways in which your project will address a significant problem within the community in which the project is being proposed.

Forecast the nature and scope of your proposed beautification project in the introduction. Indicate clearly the type of project you plan to undertake, providing background information relating to the area and history of both the project itself and why you believe the project is necessary.

Frame your proposed beautification project such that it addresses a specific problem. For example, you might say that you plan to transform vacant lots into community gardens to improve the value of surrounding buildings. By articulating the ways in which a beautification project addresses a specific area need, you persuade proposal reviewers of the project's importance.

Relate the objectives of your beautification project clearly. Use a bulleted list. Include both explicit objectives, implicit objectives and consequential objectives. For example, "remove all litter from the neighborhood park" is an explicit objective, while "re-open a public space for community enjoyment" is an implicit objective and "improve community relations, attitude and value" is a consequential objective.

Outline your proposed solution. This section represents the detailed plan of your beautification project. Frame your solution as a step-by-step process, starting with the recruitment or hiring of volunteers or contractors all the way to a grand opening or unveiling of the project. Indicate what you and other workers will do and how they will do it. For example, you might say that hired landscapers will remove shrubs, stumps and waste foliage, while volunteers will plant flowers and mulch flowerbeds. This will demonstrate to proposal readers your ability to understand minute details, as well as predict a plan of execution.

List the resources and materials you will require to execute your proposed beautification project. Include equipment such as shovels, soil, building materials and so on, as well as personnel, both professional and volunteer. Indicate the anticipated cost of all materials and from where funds will be secured to cover such costs.

Provide a schedule for your beautification project. The first scheduled event should relate directly to the moment the proposal is accepted, and it should be as detailed as possible through to the completion of the project. Include individual deadlines or benchmark dates for the completion of different components of your project.

Summarize the key points of your proposal, including a brief statement of both your overall project, as well as the ways in which your project acts as a solution to a problem within the area in which the project is being proposed.

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