How to Cite Annual Reports in MLA

The Modern Language Association's citation system, which is used primarily for work in literature and the humanities, allows for citation of sources in a number of types of writing. If you need to reference an annual report in your paper, be sure to give credit to your source in-text and on the "Works Cited" page to avoid plagiarism.

Citing an Annual Report

Cite an annual report on the "Works Cited" page using the following format:

Name of Company. Annual Report Title [italicized], Publication Date. Medium. Date Accessed (if from Internet).

Here is an example:

Spirit Corp. 2012 Annual Report [italicized], 2013. Web. 15 April 2013.

To give credit to your source in-text, place the company name in parentheses. For example:

One company's annual report claimed it gave 2 percent of its income to charity (Spirit Corp.).

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