How to Cite Annual Reports in MLA

Updated July 18, 2017

The Modern Language Association's citation system, which is used primarily for work in literature and the humanities, allows for citation of sources in a number of types of writing. If you need to reference an annual report in your paper, be sure to give credit to your source in-text and on the "Works Cited" page to avoid plagiarism.

Citing an Annual Report

Cite an annual report on the "Works Cited" page using the following format:

Name of Company. Annual Report Title [italicized], Publication Date. Medium. Date Accessed (if from Internet).

Here is an example:

Spirit Corp. 2012 Annual Report [italicized], 2013. Web. 15 April 2013.

To give credit to your source in-text, place the company name in parentheses. For example:

One company's annual report claimed it gave 2 percent of its income to charity (Spirit Corp.).

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