How to Cite in APA Format for the Torah

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American Psychological Association style does not require a reference list citation for classical religious works such as the Torah. However, APA requires an in-text citation whenever you paraphrase or quote a verse of the Torah.

In-Text Citations

Your in-text citation should include the book, chapter and verse(s) of the Torah that you are referencing and the version or translation that you are using. The chapter and verse are separated by a colon. Abbreviations for the books are acceptable:

In the Torah, the faithful are instructed to sacrifice two lambs a day, one in the morning and one at dusk (Num. 28:4, Jewish Publication Society Version).

If you are only using a single translation of the Torah in your paper, you can omit the publication version from all subsequent citations:

As prescribed in the Torah, the first day of the seventh month was set aside as a "convocation" day of rest from work and religious observance (Num. 29:1-3).


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