How to Cite Appendices in a Report

Appendices may refer to an addendum in a book or journal, a bibliography or an index. Appendices are also known as an addition that is relevant to a book, but is not the focus of the book. Fiction and nonfiction books both use appendices. J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” books for example, contain appendices telling the history of characters that existed before Frodo’s story begins. Because appendices are a part of a book or journal, you should cite the original source according to Modern Language Association (MLA) rules or American Psychological Association (APA) rules.

APA Format

Step 1

Cite an appendix in-text with the writer’s name and publication date.

Example: (Tolkien, 1954).

Step 2

Cite a book’s appendices with the order of author, publication year, title, city of publication and publisher.

Example: Tolkien, J.R.R. (1954). The Fellowship of the Ring. London: Geo. Allen & Unwin.

Step 3

Cite a periodical’s appendices with the author, year, appendices, title of the periodical in italics, volume number, issue number and the pages referenced.

Example: Smith, E. & James, C. (2002). Appendices. Physics Journal, 23(2), 185-197.

MLA Format

Step 1

Cite appendices with the page number and author as a parenthetical in-text citation.

Example: (Tolkien, 988-1150).

Step 2

Cite book appendices as the author’s full name, publisher, city and state (or country) of publication, date, medium and book title.

Example: Adams, Samuel. Types of Beer. Boston, MA: Beer Book Publishers, 2009. Print.

Step 3

Cite journal appendices in the same manner as an APA citation but include the publication medium.

Example: Jones, David. “The Making of Gone with the Wind.” Historical Movie Journal. 32.8 (1988): 190-194. Print.