How to Cite Bible Verses in APA Format

Updated April 15, 2017

Step 1

Check the book name, chapter number and verse numbers of the verses that you are citing.

Step 2

Look up the translation that you are using. This information can be found in the front of the Bible that you are citing from.

Step 3

The first time you cite a verse in your paper, use the following format:

(Book Chapter: Beginning Verse-Ending Verse Bible Version) For example, (Mark 1:5 New International Version).

Step 4

Cite future references to Biblical verses with just the book, chapter and verse(s) but not the Bible version, unless you change the version you are citing.

Step 5

Do not include the Bible as a resource in your reference list unless your teacher instructs you to. According to APA format, well-known books like the Bible do not need to be included in the reference list.

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