How to Cite Bible Verses in APA Format

APA is short for American Psychological Association, which publishes the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. This manual details how to cite the sources that you use in your research papers. The citation of your sources are generally required for all papers so that your information can be verified. When citing the Bible, APA format treats the resource slightly differently than other books.

Step 1

Check the book name, chapter number and verse numbers of the verses that you are citing.

Step 2

Look up the translation that you are using. This information can be found in the front of the Bible that you are citing from.

Step 3

The first time you cite a verse in your paper, use the following format:

(Book Chapter: Beginning Verse-Ending Verse Bible Version)

For example, (Mark 1:5 New International Version).

Step 4

Cite future references to Biblical verses with just the book, chapter and verse(s) but not the Bible version, unless you change the version you are citing.

Step 5

Do not include the Bible as a resource in your reference list unless your teacher instructs you to. According to APA format, well-known books like the Bible do not need to be included in the reference list.