How to Cite a Book With No Publisher in APA Style

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American Psychological Association (APA) style provides a simple template for book citations. When you cannot locate the publisher name or location for a book you are citing, note this with a small substitution in your citation.

Basic APA Style

The basic APA formatting for a book citation is as follows:

Author Lastname, Author First Initial(s). (Publication Year). Title of work: Subtitle if applicable. Location: Publisher.

For example:

Veitch, R. (2006). Can't Get No. New York, NY: DC Comics.

Substitutions for Missing Info

If you cannot locate publisher location or information when you are writing the citation for a book, replace this missing info with "(n.p.)":

Vargas, L. S. (2007). Metagame: Perspectives and theories. (n.p.): Upper Deck.

Kuma, S. (1995). Thieves, rogues, and scoundrels. New Orleans, LA: (n.p.).

If you are missing both publisher location and publisher name, simply replace the entire section:

Georges, I. (1985). Forester's almanac. (n.p.).


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