How to Cite a Brochure in APA

When investigating how an issue is presented by an organization or group, a brochure or pamphlet can be a useful research tool. The American Psychological Association (APA) style, 6th edition, directs you to cite brochures with a small note specifying the document type. As with all APA sources, cite brochures both on your reference list and when their content is directly mentioned in your paper.

Reference List

A brochure uses the same basic APA style citation that you'd use for books, except the citation mentions "brochure" as the document type. So, the format would be: Author Lastname, First Initial(s). (Year Published, Month Day if applicable). Title of brochure [Brochure]. Publication location: Publisher.

For example: Davis, W. (2008, September). Wake up to your new life [Brochure]. Minneapolis, MN: Jones Books.

If an organization is the author of the brochure, use the organization name for the author. Note: if the publisher is the same as the author, it is simply listed as "Author."

For example: American Heart Association. (2009). Health tips for a long life [Brochure]. Dallas, TX: Author.

If you cannot locate a date for a brochure's publication, replace it with "n.d.". If you cannot locate the publisher location, replace with "n.p.". If you cannot locate author information for a brochure, list the title in place of the author.

For example: How the ghost town was lost [Brochure]. (n.d.). n.p.: Wild West Books.

In-Text Citations

When referencing a brochure in the body of your text, include a parenthetical remark that includes the author's last name and date: (David, 2008). If an organization is the author, use the organization name instead: (American Heart Association, 2009). If there is no author, use the title of the brochure in quotes in place of the author name: ("How the ghost town was lost", n.d.)