How to Cite Articles Printed Off the Internet in Works Cited Page Using MLA Format

In Modern Language Association style, a works cited page listing for an Internet article should include the name of the author, the title of the article in quotes, the title of the website in italics and the publishing information. The information and formatting is similar to an entry for a print periodical article; the main differences are the title of the website takes the place of the periodical's title, the medium is listed as "Web" instead of "Print," and a date of access must be included. If the article has no author, the listing should begin with the title of the article.

Article Information and Formatting

To properly cite an Internet article in MLA format, your entry should include the following items in the order shown below: Author's last name, first name. "Title of Article." Title of website. Name of publisher or sponsor, date of publication. Web. Date of access.

For example: Doe, Jane. "How to Cite an Internet Article in Modern Language Association Style." MLA Formatting Archives. Citation Handbook Publishers, 28 November 2003. Web. 29 May 2012.

Since Web addresses are often changing, MLA format no longer requires the inclusion of URLs. In addition, if no publisher name is provided, use the abbreviation n.p., and if no publishing date is given use n.d.