How to Cite a Class Note in MLA Style

Whether you use outlines, diagrams or full sentences, notes are an excellent way to organize and review class material. If you want to include facts from notes in your writing, you must identify the source of the information. The seventh edition of the "MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers" includes guidelines for citing class notes.

In-Text Citation

After discussing material from class notes, include an in-text citation. Within parentheses, insert the last name of the lecturer, such as (Doe). If the name is mentioned in text, do not use the parenthetical citation.

Works Cited Page

Include any in-text citations for class notes on the Works Cited page. Begin with the last name of the lecturer, a comma and the first name. Within quotation marks, put the title of the lecture and a period. If there is no title, use "Lecture" without quotation marks, and add a period. List the name of the class. Add a period. Include the name of the school, a comma, the location and a period. Finish with the day, abbreviation for the month and year of the lecture;

for example: Doe, Jane. "Introduction to Black Holes." Physics 201. Best College, New York. 30 Jan. 2013.

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