How to Cite Meeting Minutes in APA Format

If you are referencing the official communications of a company or nonprofit organization in your research, you may have to cite meeting minutes in your list of references. When citing your minutes in American Psychological Association, or APA, format, note where you found the minutes before you begin writing your citations.

Reference List

Citing meeting minutes on your reference list uses the following format:

Name of organization. (Year, month day of meeting). Meeting title as listed on minutes. Archive name, archive location.

For example:

American Association of Fishmongers. (2011, June 30). Meeting of the Chief Executives. Baltimore Nautical Archives, Baltimore, MD.

If the minutes are located on a website, replace the archive location with the web address:

American Planning Association: New York Upstate Chapter. (2014, March 21). March 21, 2014 Phone Meeting. Retrieved from

In-Text Citation

If you reference the minutes of a meeting in the body of your text, include an in-text citation. The citation should include the organization title, year of the minutes and page number (if applicable.)

For example:

(American Association of Fishmongers, 2011) (American Planning Association: New York Upstate Chapter, 2014. p. 3)

For any in-text citation after the first one, use the acronym for the organization instead of the full organization name:

(AAoF, 2011) (APA: NYUC, 2014. p.1)

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