How to Cite College Board Material

The College Board has administered college entrance tests since 1900, and any student applying to college in the United States will encounter the College Board at some point. Sometimes you'll need to cite College Board materials in your own research. How you cite these materials depends on what citation format you're using, and whether the material you're citing is a book, article, website or other format.

Find out what type of citation style you are expected to use. MLA format is very common, but other institutions use the Chicago Manual of Style or Kate Turabian format.

Make note of what kind of source you're using. Most College Board material is online, but you may be using a book or a journal article. The citation method will be different for all of these formats.

Gather together the known information about the material you're citing. Look for the title, the publication date, the author, and the place of publication. If you are using an online source, write down the date that you accessed the page.

Arrange the information in the style required by your citation method. If you are not required to use a specific citation style, the College Board suggests that you assemble all the information starting with the author, then the title, the publication date, the URL, and the date you accessed the page, if applicable.

Add the citation information to the end of your paper or research, or add it as a footnote at the bottom of the page where you used the College Board information.


Keep a list of all the information in your sources while you conduct research. This will make it easier to cite the sources at the end of your work.

Things You'll Need

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