How to Cite the U.S. Constitution in MLA on a Works Cited Page

Updated February 21, 2019

MLA style, developed by the Modern Language Association, is one of the most commonly used citation styles in the humanities. Writers citing ideas or factual information from a given source must cite that source in a parenthetical citation within the text, and include a listing for that source in a works cited page. MLA provides specific guidelines for citing the Constitution in the works cited page.

Begin the entry with “U.S. Constitution” in italics and follow with a period.

Enter the number of the article you are citing, in the format “Art. XII,” and follow with a comma.

Enter the number of the particular section you are citing within that article, in the format “Sec. 3” and follow with a period. Your entry should look like this: “U.S. Constitution. Art. XII, Sec. 3.

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  • Arrange entries in alphabetical order on the works cited page.

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