How to Cite a Deposition Transcript

When you are preparing an argument or trial brief, you must cite all facts stated, including those from sources such as the transcripts of depositions given in a trial. The Bluebook style manual offers clear guidelines for the citation of trial transcripts. According to Bluebook, all assertions based on deposition transcripts must be cited parenthetically within the text.

List the last name of the person testifying. For example: Smith. List the abbreviation for the type of source material. When citing a deposition, write this abbreviation after the name: Dep. List the page number on which the information appears, followed by a period. For example: 19.

Enclose the entire citation in parentheses. For example, write (Smith Dep. 19.)

Place your citation directly after the sentence it supports. For example, write "Mr. Smith clearly states that the attack took place between 9:15 and 9:30 that same night (Smith Dep. 19.)."