How to Cite a Dictionary With an In-Text Citation in APA

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An in-text citation for a dictionary in American Psychological Association style varies slightly according to whether you're quoting the dictionary directly or not. However, any in-text dictionary citation in APA style requires the entry (word) and date of publication. A direct quote also requires a page number.

Indirect and Direct Citations

When referring to a dictionary entry, whether online or in traditional form, include the entry name and publication year at the end of the sentence, before the punctuation, in parentheses. If you quote directly from a traditional dictionary, also include the page number in the citation. For example: Bone is a hard substance, consisting primarily of calcium, that makes up the majority of the skeleton (Bone, 2015). A citation for a direct quote would look like this: Healing gods are described as being "patrons of human healers" (Healing gods, 2012, p. 648).


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