How to Cite Employee Manuals in APA Style

Papers regarding infra-office and human resources matters often require that you consult with a company's employee manuals. Uniform citation guidelines help ensure that you properly reference books and literature when drafting your research paper's bibliography. The American Psychological Association (APA) does not provide guidelines for the citation of employee manuals specifically, but the APA guidelines for books can be applied to employee manuals and handbooks.

Step 1

Gather information regarding the author of the employee manual, if available. Oftentimes, a specific author is not given, and you will have to enter the department responsible for the employee manual's publication. Collect data regarding the official name of the employee manual, year of publication and location and name of the publisher. The publisher's location and name may not be given, since these publications are often handled in-house. If that is the case, list the company's headquarters and doing business as (dba) name.

Step 2

Enter your information so that it follows the following format:

Employee manual author. (Year of manual publication). Title of employee manual. Location of publisher: Publisher.

Step 3

Italicize the title of the employee manual.


When listing the location, include the city and state; abbreviate the state using the two-letter Postal Service abbreviation -- upper case with no periods.