How to Cite Endnotes

Proper citation of sources is an important part of writing a research paper or other non-fiction document. Endnotes are commonly used in the formatting style endorsed by the Chicago Manual of Style, frequently referred to as CMS. You can cite primary and secondary sources in endnotes, and you can even cite another endnote in an endnote. Endnotes are formatted the same way as footnotes; the difference is that endnotes appear on a separate page at the end of a chapter or article, and footnotes appear at the bottom of each page.

Cite a source in an endnote by assigning it a number that corresponds with the information you are citing in the text. Next is the author's first name and last name followed by a comma, then the title of the publication in italics. Next, place the location of publication followed by a colon, name of the press followed by a comma and the date of publication inside parenthesis. Follow the parenthesis with a comma and the page number you are referring to. End it all with a period. Endnotes should be indented and double-spaced. Here is an example of a correctly formatted endnote citing page 95 of a book published in 2007: 1. Tessa D'Avignon, Roman Pottery in France (Houston: Sam Houston Press, 2007), 95.

Cite an endnote itself in a similar manner, including the number of the endnote you are citing, using "n" to represent number. This example is an endnote citing endnote number 6 on page 95: 1. Tessa D'Avignon, Roman Pottery in France (Houston: Sam Houston Press, 2007), 95, n6.

Include all endnote material and citations in the bibliography at the end of the paper. The correct format for a bibliographic entry is similar to an endnote. Using the fictional book cited above, the bibliographic format would be: D'Avignon,Tessa. Roman Pottery in France. Houston: Sam Houston Press, 2007. Note that the author's last is now first in order, and that the elements of the citation are separated by periods rather than parenthesis. Unless you are citing a chapter from a collection, you do not need to include page numbers for a book citation.


Refer to the Chicago Manual of Style if you have questions about citing and citation formats.