How to Cite a Flyer in APA

Updated July 21, 2017

Text Citations

Within the text of your paper, the citation for a pamphlet, brochure or flyer goes inside parentheses. Indicate the author's last name or the title of the organization, add a comma and follow with the publication year. For example: (Doe, 2003) or (Organization Name, 2012).

Reference Citations

On your reference page, start with the last name of the author, a comma and the author's first initial. End with a period. If no author other than an organization is indicated, list the group's name. Next, write the publication year in parentheses and place a period. If you cannot find a date, put "n.d." for "no date" inside the parentheses. Then use italics to write the name of the article in sentence case, followed by a period. Next, place the word "Brochure" within brackets. This indicates a pamphlet, brochure or flyer. Add another period. Finally, list the publishing location. If this is not given, use "n.c." for "no city." Insert a colon, then the publisher's name; if the source is self-published, use the author's or organization's name. End with a period. For example: Cats and Dogs, Inc. (2001). Why cats and dogs make good companions. [Brochure]. Los Angeles, CA: Cats and Dogs, Inc.

Electronic Sources

In APA format, the author, date, title and brochure listing remain the same for an electronic version of a pamphlet, brochure or flyer. Instead of publishing information, write "Retrieved from" and list the website's URL. Do not end with a period. For example: The Lunch Group. (2010). Ideas for eating at your desk. [Brochure]. Retrieved from http://fillintheURLhere.

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