How to Cite a Game in MLA Format

In writing a book, research paper or other document, the author may use a game as resource material to support a statement, a claim or other purpose expressed in the work. When this occurs, the game is cited in the writing to allow readers to access and review the information if they wish. The authorship of board games, video games and online games should be recognized. While citation rules for games are not specified in the new edition of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Handbook, readers can apply guidelines for sources such as films and software to acceptably cite games in their work.

Step 1

Obtain all relevant details related to the game. This includes the game manufacturer, copyright date and the game title. If citing a game found on the Internet, the website and the publisher and game designer should be included in the reference.

Step 2

Include the game manufacturer, game title (italicize) and the copyright date when citing a board game. Include the edition before the copyright date if the game is a special edition. As an example, assuming you are citing the board game Border Control by Felsor, which has a copyright date of 2002. In the Works Cited list, you can cite the source as follows: Felsor, Border Control (italicize). 2002.

Step 3

Include the game title, the publishing location, the publisher and the publishing year when referencing a video game. Assume that the game Border Control is a video game that was published in New Mexico by Felsor in 2002. Cite the reference for the game in the Works Cited list as follows: Border Control. New Mexico: Felsor, 2002.

Step 4

Include the designer, the game title, website, publishing year and date of access. Assume Border Control is an online game designed by Pat Patrols and found on Pat's website, Game Obsession and was published on Nov. 1, 2002. Cite the reference as follows: Patrols, Pat. Border Control (italicized) 2002. Game Obsession. 1 Nov. 2002.


Include the version before the copyright date if this is applicable. Include the URL only if it is necessary for the reader to locate the website.

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