How to Cite Sources in the Journal of Animal Science Format

The Journal of Animal Sciences is a prominent academic journal for information about animal research, the animal industry and administration within animal sectors. It publishes about 400 reviewed pieces of material each year, ranging from research articles, reviews, technical notes and Letters to the Editor. The Journal has its own format for submissions, including rules on how to cite sources. If you're trying to publish a piece of your writing in the journal, make sure to take the time to learn these citation rules. Otherwise, your piece may not be accepted for publication simply because you didn't follow guidelines.

Cite works within the text of your article by author name. Start a new sentence, and list the author's or authors' last name(s), separating two authors by writing "and" between the names. If there are more than two authors for a particular work, include only the first, followed by "et al."

Follow the authors' names with the year of the work you are citing, in parentheses. The only time you should not put the year in parentheses is if the whole citation is in a parenthetical aside in your paper. Always put the period ending your sentence outside of the parentheses.

List multiple journals in chronological order, followed by alphabetical order by author last name for any publications in the same year.

Cite unpublished work, such as a personal interview, by writing the first initial and last name of the interviewed person. Follow this with the institution, city, state and country of the interview, as well as the words "personal communication" in parentheses. Separate each of these by a comma. If the unpublished work is your own, cite it in parentheses with your first initial, last name and the words "unpublished data." Separate your name and the last two words with a comma.

Include all published works that you referenced in the "Literature Cited" section at the end of the paper. All works that were cited in the body of your article should appear in this section, but so should any other documents you consulted.

Alphabetize entries by the last name of the first author in each publication, then sorted chronologically for any author that may have published more than one piece. Provide all authors' names, the name of the book or journal title, title of the article and any necessary page, volume or issue numbers.

Check any abbreviations against the Journal of Animal Science's official abbreviation list, and be sure that all of the works listed in your Literature Cited section appear in plain face type -- no italics or underlines for article titles.


Visit the PubMed and Journal of Animal Sciences website for specific instructions on how to cite journals, books and other resources in the "Literature Cited" section. Each citation method varies depending on the type of resource. There are different requirements for books, journals, edited volumes, and conference presentations, among other things.