How to Cite a Lecture in Text APA Style

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APA Style is the American Psychological Association style of writing and citing academic papers, specifically in the social sciences, psychology and education. In APA style, the methods of citing resources vary by the type of source. In most instances, you need to include references within the text of your paper as well as a reference list at the end. For some sources, such as interviews and classroom lectures, you only cite the information within the text of your essay.

Cite classroom lecture information in the body of the text, after your information, in the following format: In a lecture on , to a class, Professor said. Example: In a lecture on May 10, 2013, to a Psych 201 class, Professor Jones said.

Cite information from a printed classroom handout, lecture notes posted to a Web resource or presentation in text with the name of the author and the date of the presentation, after your information, in the following format: (Author name, date). Example: (Jones, 2013).

Cite lecture information from a third party source, such as a handout copied from a medical journal, in text with the name of the professor, the date of the lecture and the date of the original publication in the following format: (Professor name, date/date of publication). Example: (Jones, 2013/1936)


  • Cite printed lecture materials also in the resource list at the end of your essay. Spoken resources are the only resources that you do not include in the resource list.

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  • Class notes or recording


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