How to Cite a Magazine Picture

Always cite sources to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Whether you’re citing a passage from a novel, a quote from a film, an idea from a research paper or even a photograph from a magazine, you always need to attribute what you use to its original source. Standardized guidelines exist for the purpose of properly citing sources. Be sure to always properly cite any text or images taken from any source.

Step 1

Type the photographer’s name, if known. Type the photographer’s last name first, followed by a comma, and then his first name.

Step 2

Type the title of the photograph in quotation marks in title case, which means that the the first letter of every major word is capitalized. Place a period after the last word in the title but before the end quote. Simply include a brief description of the photo if no title is provided.

Step 3

Type the article’s author’s name in the last name, first name format

Step 4

Type the name of the magazine in italics in title case.

Step 5

Type the magazine’s volume number, issue number and date of publication.

Step 6

End with the page number on which the image can be found.

Step 7

Your citation should appear as follows:

Doe, John. “Image of Grecian Urn.” Doe, Jane. Sample Magazine. 123.5 October 2010. 85.

Note that the magazine's title should appear in italics.

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