How to Cite a Policy Brief in MLA Format

You may be required to cite a specific policy of an organization as part of your research. This can be helpful in researching the influence of company policy on the behavior of both customers and employees. It is important that you know how to cite a policy brief according to Modern Language Association style.

In-Text Citations

For in-text citations, use the author’s last name, followed by a page number if it is available. If a page number is not available, use only the author’s last name.

For example: The policy is intended to “boost company morale” (Smith).

If the author is unknown, use the name of the organization that the policy is written for.

For example: The policy is intended to “boost company morale” (New Horizons).

Works Cited

For your works cited page, give the author's last name, the author's first name -- if the name is unavailable, use the company name -- the title of the policy in quotation marks, the name of the publisher, the date it was published, the page number if available, the format, and, if it is an online source, the date you accessed it.

For online sources, if no publication date is available, use the abbreviation n.d., and if no page number is available, use the abbreviation n. pag.

For example:

Trader Joe’s. “Privacy Policy.” 01 Apr. 2010. n. pag. Web. 08 June 2013.

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