How to Cite MLA on PowerPoint Slides

The Modern Language Association (MLA) rules cover most any situation from citing military documents to interviews. The MLA citation guide has ways to give credit to the original source. PowerPoint presentations are no exceptions. You must use a form of MLA citation when presenting information that is not your own during a PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1

Attribute the material to the source within the sentence by mentioning the author's name and/or title of the sources.

Step 2

Create an end of sentence citation when not mentioning the source within the sentence. Place the last name of the author, and the page number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence, before the period. Write (Davis 43) to cite material found on page 43 in a book written by an author with the last name Davis.

Step 3

Write all other in-text citations just as you would in an MLA-style research paper. When faced with journals, texts without authors and other exceptions to the basic MLA rules, follow the MLA guidelines for handling these sources within the PowerPoint presentation.

Step 4

Cite the sources of figures, chats, and graphics as you would in a research paper. Number the figure and give it a title. For example, mark the third chart in your presentation "Figure 3." Give it the title "Chart."

Step 5

Place the citation used in the works cited list under the figure on the slide. Cite the source underneath,

for example, "Davis, Jo. MLA For PowerPoint. Chicago: DMS, 2011." (Underline the book's title. "DMS" is this sample book's publisher.)

Step 6

Create a works cited list as you would for a research paper. Place this page, marked "Works Cited" or "Bibliography" as the final slide in the PowerPoint presentation. Use MLA guidelines to format the works cited slide.


Mention the citations during your presentation if possible. Attribute the material to the orignal source. Do not read citations in parenthesis, under figures, and on the works cited slide. The audience can see the citations.

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