How to Cite a Pamphlet in APA

As explained in the sixth edition of the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association," proper citation format in the text and on the References page helps you acknowledge borrowed information in a research paper. APA format for a pamphlet or brochure follows similar structure as that for a book.

In-Text Citation

Like other APA citations, the in-text citation for a pamphlet gives the author's last name and the publication year with a comma between:

(Jeffers, 2013).

However, pamphlets and brochures published by organizations may not list individual authors.

In this case, use the group name in the author's place: (Institute of Ethnicity, 2013).

References Page

The reference entry begins with the author, surname first followed by initial with a comma between, or the organization name if there is no individual author. The publication year comes next, in parentheses with a period. Give the title of the pamphlet, italicized, and type [Pamphlet] to indicate the type of source. Italicize the title, and capitalize only the first word and subsequent proper nouns. The entry ends with the city, a colon and the company name.

For example: Institute of Ethnicity. (2013). Buying your first house [Pamphlet]. New York: Smart Realty.