How to Cite a Pamphlet in MLA

According to the "MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers" (7th edition), proper documentation of borrowed words and ideas is necessary to avoid plagiarism, which can have consequences ranging from loss of credit on an assignment to expulsion from school. Pamphlets require a similar citation format to that for books in MLA style.

In-Text Citation

As with most sources in MLA style, the parenthetical citation for your pamphlet should contain the author's last name and a page number with no punctuation between: (Jones 2). If the pamphlet was written by a group rather than an individual, use the organization's name as you would the author's: (National Research Council 2). If no author at all appears on the pamphlet, use the title of the piece in the citation, italicized, with no punctuation between the title and page number: (Current Science Thinking [italicized] 2).

Works Cited Page

The Works Cited entry for a pamphlet follows the same structure as that for a book. Start with the author if you have one, last name first with a comma between and a period after. Then list the title of the pamphlet, italicized, ending with a period. Next include the city of publication, followed by a colon, the publishing company, a comma and the date with a period. End the entry with the publication medium and a period. A typical entry for a pamphlet with an organization as the author might look like this:

National Research Council. Current Science Thinking (italicized). New York: Science Foundations, 2012. Print.