How to Cite Online References of Organizations in APA Style

Updated March 23, 2017

Step 1

List the name of the author in the following format:

Last name, First initial.

For example:

Smith, A.

If no author is listed, list the name of the organization as the author. For example:

North Central California Healthcare.

Step 2

List the date of publication in parentheses and followed by a period. The date should appear in a year, month day format. For example:

(2011, March 17).

If no date of publication is given, list the date as follows:


Step 3

List the title of the article or document, followed by a period. Capitalize only the first letter of the title, as well as the first letters of any proper nouns. For example:

Hospitals in and around San Francisco.

Step 4

List the full URL in the following format:

Retrieved from http://www.ncch.org/centers/sf

Step 5

Ensure that the finished citation appears in the following format:

North Central California Healthcare. (2011, March 17). Hospitals in and around San Francisco. Retrieved from http://www.ncch.org/centers/sf

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