How to Cite Powerpoint

PowerPoint is a computer application by Microsoft that lets users create electronic slides for presentations. People utilize these slides to help others follow along as leaders present data, or they use them as personal presentation notes or study guides. It sometimes is necessary for people to cite these PowerPoint presentations and files in research. For APA and MLA citation formats, individuals should cite PowerPoint data as lectures, which may fall under the electronic or unpublished document category, depending on how a researcher encounters the PowerPoint data.

APA Format

Identify the author of the PowerPoint presentation. Write the author's last name, a comma and the author's first initial (capitalized), followed by a period.

Figure out when the PowerPoint data was presented or published. Write the year, month and day in parentheses, followed by a period. A comma should appear only after the year. If you can provide only the year, this is fine, but try to give as much date information as the lecturer or publisher provides.

Write out the title of the lecture in which an individual presented the PowerPoint presentation or the title of the PowerPoint presentation itself in italics. Write the word PowerPoint in regular font in brackets--this indicates how the lecturer or publisher presented the data. Follow the brackets with a period.

Cite the class or group for which the lecturer or publisher presented the PowerPoint presentation. Follow this with a period.

Write down the location in which the lecturer or publisher spoke or published the PowerPoint presentation. Follow this with a period.

Identify the website from which you obtained the Powerpoint presentation, if applicable. Write Retrieved from [host web site name], a colon and the full URL that contains the PowerPoint presentation.

MLA Format

Identify the author or lecturer who published or gave the PowerPoint presentation. Write their last name, a comma and their first name, followed by a period.

Write the title of the PowerPoint presentation, lecture or speech in quotes, with a period before the second quote mark.

Write the name of the sponsoring organization or meeting that gave the PowerPoint lecture or data. Follow the name with a period. This step may not be applicable to some PowerPoint presentations.

Write out the name of the place and city, separated by a comma and followed by a period.

Write out the date. Start with the smallest unit first, citing the day, month and then year. Do not use commas, but follow the last unit of the date with a period.