How to Cite a Protocol

Updated April 17, 2017

Step 1

Write the author's last name, then first name, followed by a period. For example, if John Smith wrote an article, you would type: "Smith, John." Add a space to prepare for the next part of the citation.

Step 2

Press the quotation mark key, type the title of the article, put a period at the end of the title and close the quotation marks. It should look like this: "Emergency Wound Care After a Natural Disaster." Add a space.

Step 3

Type the title of the publication in italics, a comma, the publisher's name and end with a period. The example used by Columbia University's CIAO online is "Columbia International Affairs Online, Columbia University Press." Type the date the article was published, followed by a period.

Step 4

Highlight, copy and paste the address bar. The protocol is the "http://" part of the address. The URL aspect of the Web address begins with "www."

Step 5

Finish the citation by placing the date you accessed the website inside a pair of parenthesis and end with a period.

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