How to Cite Reuters in APA Style Format

Reuters News Agency, a division of the Thomson Reuters company based in London, UK, is an important source for global political and financial news. Reuters news is available entirely online, so all citations for Reuters in American Psychological Association, or APA, format will be references to an electronic source. Note the Web address and date that you retrieved your information to provide the greatest accuracy possible in your citations.

Article Citations

To cite an article published on Reuters' website on your reference list, first note the name of the article's author. You will also need the date of publication, article title and Web address. Arrange this information as follows, with Reuters' name italicized:

Author Lastname, First Initial(s). (Year, Month and Day of Article). Article's title: Any subtitles as well. Reuters. Retrieved from URL of article.

The month of publication should be written out in full.

For example:

Mohammed, A. (2015, March 11). Iraq's newest conflict rescues rusting tanks from scrapheap. Reuters. Retrieved from

Stock Quote Citation

Say you're referencing Reuters' stock quotes in your paper. You would cite the market that published the quote as the author of your reference list entry. You would also note the name of the stock's company and Reuters:

Market name. (Year, Month Day of Quote). Name of Company stock quote. Reuters. Retrieved from URL of quote.

Your reference list citation might read as follows:

Bombay Sensitive 30 Index. (2015, March 11). Axis Bank Ltd. stock quote. Reuters. Retrieved from

In-text Citation

Referencing either of these types of sources in the text of your paper requires an in-text citation in APA style. An in-text citation is placed in parentheses after the reference and includes the author's name -- as described in your reference list -- and the year of the article's or quote's publication. The day and month of publication are not needed, as this information can be found on your reference list. In-text citations for the above sources would appear as follows:

(Mohammed, 2015) (Bombay Sensitive 30 Index, 2015)

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