How to Cite "The Ten Commandments"

When writing a paper regarding the Ten Commandments, use the correct citation format to fit the style required for the paper. The most common styles for research papers are MLA , APA, Chicago and Turabian. Whether you refer to only one of the commandments, or the entire listing, the format remains the same. The verses need to be cited throughout the text when quoted or directly referenced. Due to the fact that the phrasing of each version of the Bible is slightly different, it is important to reference the version which has been used.

To cite the Ten commandments in MLA format, list the book (Exodus or Deuteronomy) and then the verses. Write out the exact verison of the Bible. Record the name of the editor, followed by "ed." Write out the city and state of the publishing company, followed by a colon and the company name. Place a comma after the publishing company and write out the published year. To cite the Ten Commandments in the paper itself, write out the name of the book and the verse number in parenthesis. For example:

(Exodus 20:12)

To cite the Ten Commandments using APA style, write the version of the Bible, and then abbreviate the name of the book (Ex. or Duet.) and list the verses (Duet. 5:17).

Write out the edition after the verses. According to the Henry Buhl Library, because the Bible is well-known book, it is not necessary to write up an entry for it on a bibliography page. Don't include the version of the Bible after you list it once, according to "Citing the Bible." If you change to a different version, you need to cite it with that version's information.

To site with Turabian or Chicago styles, write out Exodus or Deuteronomy, and then the verse and the version.

(Exodus 20:17 King James)

List the version each time you write the reference.

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