How to Cite a Translated Short Story

Citing a translated short story is not any more difficult than citing anything else in APA, MLA or Chicago Style. Most schools provide guidelines for these styles, including Williams College and Purdue University. If you're wondering how to create the citation, you're probably doing an assignment. That assignment probably came with instructions regarding which style to use. The styles are not interchangeable, so use the assigned citation format.


In the MLA format, cite a translated short story as you would any original-language short story, with the addition of "Trans." and with the name(s) of the translator(s) included after the title and before the city of publication.

Card, Orson Scott. "Lost Boys." Maps in Mirror. Trans. Ed. Mockba. New York: Tor, 2005. Print.


In the APA format, the translators appear in parenthesis after the title and prior to the city of publication. The publication date of the work in its original language is included at the end.

Card, O.S. (2005). Lost Boys. In Maps in a Mirror. (Mockba, Trans.) New York, NY: Tor. (Original work published 1990)

Chicago Manual of Style

The Chicago Manual of Style is perhaps the simplest format of referencing translated short stories.

Card, Orson Scott. Maps in a Mirror: Lost Boys. Translated by Mockba. New York: Tor, 2005.

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