How to Cite the U.N. Charter

Although most of the work that goes into a research paper involves research and composition, care should also be taken to make certain that all sources are correctly cited. Proper citation of sources makes a paper seem more professional and also helps to ensure that the writer will not be accused of plagiarism. According to the website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, this is the proper way to cite the U.N. Charter.

Step 1

List "United Nations" as the author. Follow this with a comma.

Step 2

List "Charter of the United Nations" as the title, followed by a comma. This should appear in italics.

Step 3

List "24 October 1945" as the date of publication, followed by a comma.

Step 4

List "1 UNTS XVI" as the document symbol, followed by a comma.

Step 5

List the URL of the website on which you accessed the charter in the following format:

available at:

Step 6

List the date you accessed the charter. This information should appear in brackets.

Step 7

Make sure that your completed citation appears as follows, with the title of the charter italicized:

United Nations, Charter of the United Nations, 24 October 1945, 1 UNTS XVI, available at: [accessed 9 July 1980]

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