Citing a DVD in APA Format

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Many instructors direct students to include a variety of sources in a research paper. If you’ve found a compelling DVD, you’ve not only fulfilled a requirement, but you also have an opportunity to enliven your paper with quotes from the movie or performance. Accurately cite the DVD on the references page when writing a paper using the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. This manual sets the rules for papers written in the field of social sciences and nursing.

Producers and Directors First

After citing a few books and Web sites on your references page, you will notice some similarities in how you should cite your DVD. APA style singles out the producers and directors first. The title of the work is written in italics. For example: Finerman, W, Tisch, S, Newirth, C. (Producers) & Zemickis, R. (Director). (1994). Forrest Gump [DVD]. United States: Paramount Pictures.


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