What Is the Conflict in the Book "Found" by Haddix?

"Found" is the first book in award-winning children's author Margaret Peterson Haddix's eight-installment "Missing" series. First published in 2008, the book introduces protagonist Chip Winston and his friend Jonah Skidmore, both 13-year-old adopted children. One day, both boys receive an anonymous letter warning them that they are missing children and someone is coming after them. The story that unfolds involves a mysterious time-travel kidnapping plot that involves dozens of other stolen children who suddenly face grave danger.

The Central Conflict

The central conflict in the book revolves around the challenges presented when Chip, Jonah and Jonah's younger sister Katherine attempt to uncover the mystery that connects the adoptions of Chip, Jonah and many other children who live near them. There are sinister forces at work within a once-charitable futuristic time-travel organization called Interchronological Rescue. Who are the "missing" children? Where do they belong on the historical timeline? Why are they suddenly trapped in the 21st century, and what should they do about it? Figuring out the answers to these challenges is the novel's major conflicts.