What Is the Conflict of the Novel "The Sea of Monsters" & How Was It Solved?

"The Sea of Monsters" is the second book in Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" young adult series. The conflict centers on 13-year-old Percy, a demigod, and his attempts to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Sea of Monsters. The Golden Fleece will remove poison from Thalia's tree -- a tree that protects Camp Half-Blood, a school for demigods. Retrieving the magical fleece poses danger and trouble for Percy. The conflict is magnified by Percy's dream that his protector Grover, a satyr, is being held captive at the Sea of Monsters. The conflict is resolved when Percy and his friends recover the Golden Fleece and save Grover.

A Difficult Journey

The Greek god Hermes gives to Percy; Annabeth, Percy's demigod best friend; and Tyson, Percy's cyclops half-brother, hippocampi -- horses with fish tails -- to help them get to a cruise ship that will supposedly take them to the Sea of Monsters. Conflict arises when they discover that the ship's captain is evil, so they must escape on a raft. They meet up with another demigod, Clarisse, who takes them to the Sea of Monsters on her battleship. Trouble presents itself again as Percy and his companions must defeat monsters and an evil sorceress. The hippocampi return and take them back to Camp Half-Blood, but first they must navigate one final conflict -- a battle with Luke, an evil former camp counselor. Percy and his friends discover that Luke is responsible for poisoning the tree, but the Golden Fleece eradicates the poison.

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