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How to Cite a Website

Updated Feb 20, 2018

Need help citing something for a paper, article, book, or journal? Our citation tool will automatically generate your bibliographical citation for any website, so you can cite your sources properly, using proper Chicago, MLA or APA style. Just fill in as much information as you can below, and we'll generate the citation with the correct formatting for you to copy and paste. It's that easy!

Required information is marked with an asterisk*.

Create a Citation

ex. https://www.space.com/18135-how-big-is-the-moon.html


ex. How Big is the Moon?
ex. Space.com
ex. Purch is the publisher of Space.com. This can often be in the copyright notice at the bottom of a website, or in the About Us section.


Do not include periods or commas.


The date on the article, when it was initially added to the website.
When you went to the website and read this article.

Here's Your Citation!

MLA Style Citation

Just copy and paste the above into your bibliography. Formatting, like italics will be preserved in most text editors, but make sure to double check.

Want a different citation style? Need to make a correction?