How to Create Your Own Supernatural Character


Characters with supernatural abilities have fascinated people for many hundreds of years, in written literature, oral tradition and film.

From Dracula, to the Weird Sisters in Macbeth, to Sam Wheat from the film "Ghost," supernatural characters have shown their power to shock, terrify and emotionally affect audiences for generations.

Though formulating your own supernatural character takes time and effort, supernatural creatures can generate enthralling persons with which to populate your stories.

Brainstorm ideas for your supernatural character

Brainstorm ideas for your supernatural character.

  • Make a list of possibilities and include a name, basic description or even a sketch of what the character looks like.
  • Write down what makes each of the brainstormed characters supernatural, whether they possess magical ability, foresight or a pair of fangs.

Pick a promising candidate and try to research other instances of that type of supernatural ability in fiction; for example, writers with an idea for a vampiric character should first acquaint themselves with "Bram Stoker’s Dracula," among other texts.

Decide upon one of your brainstormed ideas to start developing your supernatural character.

Draft a list of physical characteristics

Draft a list of physical characteristics for your supernatural character. Describe in writing how your emerging supernatural character looks.

In fact, include details like:

  • height,
  • weight,
  • muscular strength,
  • bone structure,
  • hair and eye color,
  • tattoos,
  • scars,
  • skin tint and so on.

Formulate a subsection that specifically describes the physical characteristics relating to your character’s supernatural status, like:

  • wings,
  • fangs,
  • permanent wounds,
  • claws,
  • tails
  • or insubstantiality.

Be as detailed as possible, but don’t be afraid to erase or otherwise modify details if you get better ideas.

Personality and inner life

Move on to make a separate list describing the supernatural character’s personality and inner life.

Contemplate how the physical appearance and interior self of your character are related to one another. Write down details like:

  • fears,
  • hopes,
  • traumas,
  • dispositions toward anger or violence
  • and relations with other people.

Focus a subsection of the list on the personality attributes relating to your character’s supernatural nature, like:

  • connection with higher powers,
  • unusual reactions to mundane stimuli,
  • fear of intimacy with normal people
  • or forced isolation from the world.

Identify your supernatural character’s greatest weakness; this can later be woven into the plot, placing your character in a compromised position.

Write a biography for your supernatural character

Write a biography for your supernatural character, beginning from when your supernatural character was born and continuing for as long as desired.

Use the lists of physical and personality characteristics as a starting point when writing the biography.

Explain in the biography how your character came to possess supernatural abilities, whether they were present from birth or dramatically acquired at some point.

Continuously edit and revise the document; the trick is to play around with the character until something powerful emerges.

Be as detailed and descriptive as possible. Use the biography to form a plot around your supernatural character and begin writing your story in earnest.


Watch fantasy movies or read fiction with supernatural protagonists for inspiration when creating your character.

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