How to Create a Signature in Thunderbird Email

Creating a signature for your outgoing Thunderbird email is a great way to customize your email for personal or professional use. Creating an email signature requires a modest amount of skill, but is quite easy to accomplish once you know the steps involved. A Thunderbird email signature can be comprised of more than just a name. Among the most common items included are contact information and quotes. Contact information can include things such as website or blog urls, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and street addresses.

Open your Thunderbird software. Click on “Tools”. This will open a list of options.

Scroll down the list and click on “Account Settings.” This will open a dialogue box that displays the default identity. If this is not the email account you wish to work with, scroll through the list on the left-hand side to locate it. Click on the appropriate email account.

In the identity display, there is a check box with an “Attach this signature” with location box and “Choose” button below it.

Use the “Choose” button to locate your signature file. Once you locate the file, select it, and click “OK”.

Verify that the correct file and location has been input into the address bar. If it has not, search and select again. Once the correct file and location is in the location bar, click “OK” on the identity display.

Use the “Write” option to open up a new email. Your signature should be displayed on it. It will not display as an attachment, but as part of the text.

Verify that your signature shows up as desired by sending yourself an email to another account. If there are problems with the display, you may need to alter the signature file itself in order to correct it.

If you do not already have a signature saved as a file, you can create a text signature in Notepad. Some people use their name and contact information as their signature, while others use a name and quote.

Mozilla regularly creates and lists new add-ons for its various software programs, including Thunderbird. Checking the latest add-ons from time to time will allow you more freedom and creativity with your signature as the technology becomes available.

Quotations used in signatures should include proper attribution to the original source.

Be sure to input the body of your email text above the signature.

Some signatures and logos will not display correctly or at all. Be sure to double-check the display before using it.

Thunderbird adds the two dashes above your signature. There is nothing you can do to remove it permanently. You can remove it on each individual email before you send by simply deleting the dashes.