How to Create a TV Series on the Bible

Writing teleplays is a technique for creating narrative worlds that exist on television. To write a successful TV series, you must create a professional quality product that targets an audience in a distinctive way. Creating a TV series on the Bible is a mammoth undertaking that requires a strong teleplay. A TV series on the Bible can find success if you are willing to put in the work.

Step 1

Outline a draft of a story and characters. A story is the central starting point in creating a teleplay. Outline how the story begins and under what circumstances your characters are forced to exist. Determine how characters relate to one another and what happens over the first three episodes. A biblical TV series episode featuring Adam and Eve, for example, places the characters in the Garden of Eden, dealing with issues related to love and temptation. Revise the outline until you are ready to write.

Step 2

Write a teleplay. Use top-notch software, such as Final Draft, to format your teleplay to professional standards. Craft each teleplay in two or four acts. Two-act teleplays are best for half hour TV shows. Four-act teleplays are best for hour-long TV shows. For example, a 60-page teleplay amounts to a one-hour TV program. Write at least three teleplays to introduce your series.

Step 3

Craft a summary and an outline of the series. The summary is one page long and must encapsulate what the show is about. An outline of the series should capture how the entire first season will play out. An outline -- or treatment -- may be 10 pages long. Detail what happens in each episode, who your characters are, what happens to those characters and how their personal and collective journeys advance.

Step 4

Pitch your TV series package -- teleplays, summary and treatment -- to agents, managers and producers. Agents and managers are interested in clients with viable products they can sell. Contact agents and managers with experience soliciting niche programming -- such as programming related to the Bible. Additionally, contact producers and production companies, such as Cloud Ten Pictures and TBN Network, which exclusively market Christian and Bible-themed movies and TV shows for best results.


When factoring in commercial advertisements, a 30-page teleplay equals 22 minutes of onscreen time, while a 60-page teleplay equals between 42 and 47 minutes of screen time. The "one page per one minute" concept is maintained, because most television is filmed in a single-shot format, thus allowing the plot to play out in less time.

Things You'll Need

  • Writing software
  • Research materials