How to Critically Analyze Newspaper Articles

The media has an important role. Newspapers especially have a significant impact on society. They deliver information on a daily basis. This information is not only vital to relaying information to the masses. News articles document the world's history and provide an archive of the way people think, feel and behave at any point in time. It is important to analyze the way a news article is written because objective journalism is key in reporting events accurately.

Select A Newspaper

Pick a newspaper that is of interest. It can be a major newspaper or a local alternative paper. Select a news article and read it from beginning to end with an eye the way the information is delivered. Pay close attention to the reason the news article is being written. Make sure that the article directly relates to the main point and that it provides additional information to help the reader understand the point of the article. The headline should not be misleading.

Determine if the article is biased in any direction. Read for implications or judgment within the story. According to Media Awareness Network, the article should not be slanted in any one way or be written so that a corporation, idea or person is sponsored either directly or indirectly. The writer should not have a conflict of interest in regards to the piece and all the work should reflect all ideas within the story in a balanced fashion.

Determine if the news article states its sources and attributes its information correctly. The Reuters Handbook of Journalism details the journalist's duty to report all information sources to the reader. The story cannot make a generalization or provide information without any way to back it up. Sources, too, must be balanced.

Determine if the material is accurate. Read for blatant exaggerations or hype and take note of any false information. According to the Reuters Handbook of Journalism, all news articles must be free from exaggeration or falsified information. Articles should use words that honestly represent the reality of the piece. Words should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully.

Determine if the use of unnecessary obscenity or graphic images of a violent nature are displayed simply for shock value. The news aims to alert readers to realities that may be graphic or violent in nature. However, there photos and information that are included should accurately reflect the situation at hand and not be used in a way that will offend or titillate the readers.

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  • If a news article is not objective or falsely reports any information, readers can write to editors and express their concerns. Most newspapers have printed contact information, while many web news sources have email links.

Things Needed

  • Newspaper
  • Computer


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