How Do I Cite "The Matrix" in My Paper?

The science fiction movie, "The Matrix," was highly profitable, grossing over $460 million worldwide for a film made on a $65-million budget. The film took the action and science fiction genres to new levels due to its post-modern themes that have actually been studied in academic courses and by scholars. The Modern Language Association style guide gives precise steps for citing films, making sure that papers written about "The Matrix" and other films follow a standardized outline.

Step 1

Use the following format as a guideline.

Example: Title of movie. Director (abbreviated as Dir.). Distribution company, year released. Format (DVD, videocassette, etc.).

Step 2

In this case of "The Matrix," your citation should look like this:

The Matrix. Dir. Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski. Warner Bros. Pictures, 1999. DVD.

Step 3

Italicize the title of the movie but do not place the title in quotations.

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