How to Do an In-Text Citation

In-text citations are very important for every students writing assignments. In high school, all of students term papers use in-text citations. Seemingly every paper a student is assigned in college implores this technique. Students who learn this tool have a great chance to excel, while those that do not risk getting left behind. Very simply put, if a student wants to get a good grade, they have to know how to do an in-text citation.

Locate your work cited (the sources you used on your paper). The basic in-text citation is done by placing the author's last name and page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence like this: (Rollins 45).

Place an "and" or a comma in between the last names of a work written by two or more authors. An example of this would be (Rollins and Williams 234) or (Rollins, Williams, and Thomas 265).

Identify whether or not a particular author has two or more different works in your source list. If so, add the underlined book titled after the author's name and before the page number. Underline the word "Amazonia" in this example: (Rollins, Amazonia 200).

Achieve an in-text citation of two or more sources in a single reference by separating the author's name by a semicolon. An example of this would be: (Rollins 200; Williams 157).

Cite an anonymous source by placing the title of the anonymous work in quotations. An example of the proper way to do this is as follows: ("Little River" 23).

Cite a multi-volume source by placing the volume number followed by a colon and then the page number. The way this source is cited is: (4: 12-13).


The parentheses should be at the end of the sentence, but should be written as if it were part of the sentence. The period should not be placed until after the in-text citation. Also, if you have already mentioned the authors name in the sentence you are citing, then only a page number is required for an in-text citation.

When Citing a source with multiple volumes, make sure there is a single space between the colon and the page numbers.