How to Donate Books in Queens

Donating books to a nonprofit organization or library helps promote literacy while clearing out space in your home or business. When donating books, always make sure the materials are in usable condition. If the books are missing covers or pages, recycle them instead. Also consider the appropriateness of your titles for the organization or institution to which you are donating. For example, children's groups probably can't use physics textbooks or self-help titles. Donating reading material in Queens, New York, is relatively easy, as many organizations and institutions are in need of new and gently used books.

Step 1

Donate books to the Queens Library Foundation, which accepts reading materials for use in its community libraries and for resale, with proceeds benefiting the foundation. If you have a few books, drop them off with a staff member at your local branch. For larger donations, call your local library to make delivery arrangements. If you'd like to donate rare books or valuable first editions--or if you'd like to start a special collection in someone's honor--contact the foundation's executive director or associate director to discuss making your gift.

Step 2

Donate children's books to help support the annual New York State Summer Reading Club. Each year the program provides books to needy youngsters and offers a variety of events and activities at more than 1,100 public libraries throughout the state. In 2010, the "Queens Chronicle" accepted books at its offices in Rego Park, but you also can contact your local library to find out where you can drop off donations.

Step 3

Contact Anshe Shalom Chabad JCC to donate Jewish-themed literature and nonfiction to its Gutnick Public Library. You also can donate books in honor of a friend or loved one. In addition to reading materials, the library accepts donations of bookshelves and furniture, as well as financial contributions.

Step 4

Contact Queens Community House, a nonprofit group that sponsors Queens Childcare Network, a program that works with childcare providers and the families they serve to strengthen the quality of childcare services throughout Queens. The organization offers a book, toy and video lending library for childcare providers.

Step 5

Donate new and gently used books with lesbian, gay bisexual or transgendered themes to Queens Pride House, which has a lending library of LGBT books and videos. This gay and lesbian community center is location in the Diversity Center in Jackson Heights. If you have many books to donate, contact the organization to make arrangements.

Step 6

Drop off your books at nonprofit thrift stores such as Goodwill or Salvation Army, both of which have locations in Queens. If you have a large quantity of books, call to inquire about pickup services in your area.


When giving to a nonprofit organization, ask for a receipt for the value of your books so you can write the donation off on your income taxes.

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