How to Download Books for Your Laptop

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E-books are electronic publications that you read on your computer. They function in the same way as a regular book, in that they have pages, chapters and headings, but they also offer extra functionality. With an e-book, you can navigate between pages using hyperlinks, making it easier to find a reference or related chapter. One other benefit of downloading books to your laptop is storage. You don't have to find room for lots of books on your shelves; you can keep them all organized on your portable laptop computer, ready for reading whenever you like.

Right-click on your desktop and select "New." When prompted, select "New Folder." Name the folder "e-books." This is where you'll download the e-books. Using a folder keeps your desktop from becoming cluttered and lets you find your downloaded e-books quickly.

Visit your preferred e-book distributor and browse the selection. Publishers typically offer a selection of free e-books in order to get you interested in other products or services. For example, Barnes & Noble sells its own e-book reader called The Nook. B&N's free-book selection, which can be downloaded to your laptop, is also compatible with its e-book reader. Project Gutenberg offers free e-books for a variety of devices, including laptops.

Browse the e-book section until you see a book that takes your fancy.

Click on the "Preview" link to read more. E-books are typically delivered as PDF files. If you download a lot of PDF files, they take up a lot of memory on your laptop, so it's always best to check that you're going to enjoy the book before downloading it, regardless of its being free.

Click "Download" once you've found a book that you want. If it's a download you have to pay for, enter your payment details as prompted. For example, if using, you'll be asked to log in to your account before proceeding.

Select a download location. When asked if you want to save or open the PDF, select "Save"; then select the "e-books" folder you created on your desktop.


  • If you have one, connect your e-book reader to your computer with a USB cable to transfer the books.